Churro Chex Mix

From Brunch At Saks:

I debated posting this allergy friendly cinnamon sugar “churro” Chex Mix recipe merely because its components are less than camera friendly. However, this recipe is so quick (5 minutes), simple (5 ingredients), and delicious (cinnamon sugar yumminess) that I had to share, regardless of its photographic appeal. Instead of using butter, as most traditional Chex Mix dessert recipes require, I swapped a third cup of coconut oil and it worked like a charm. Put these in a jar and grab a handful throughout the day, or pack in a clear bag tied with a bow and send to a friend in the mail; this is the perfect snack to eat anytime, anywhere.


Marc, My Word

Sigh. This is on sale. For $398. Which is a great deal considering that it was $995. But still. I love this. I see it with a little black cardigan and mary-janes. Cherry red lips. Sigh sigh.

Talbots? Is that You?

I guess I shall have to stop claiming that only my mother would shop at frigging Talbots. (Or somehow accept that I am becoming my mother? No-no). Regardless this clutch is only $45. It comes in other colors too but this is my fave.