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Millia Mania

Today’s girl crush started shaky. I had a subscription to Sassy and fancied that my 13 year old self would grow up, move to New York and become a magazine mogul a la Mary Tyler Moore. This appeared in my mailbox:

Oh wow. This pouty little hooker is orange. She’s freaking orange and still manages to look hot. Then on the inside:

Hold up. This bitch is 12. And her interview in Sassy? That of a 12 year old. A lot of “fuck you I’m pouting.”  But still. She looked like this:

I think I hate her. Then she went and did this:

Oh. Oh Now I hate her. She got herself into a movie with Christian Slater. Fine, it was a bad movie. But still. Eventually however, she grew up. And so did I. And she looked kick-ass in the Fifth Element:

And then she started Jovovich-Hawk and became a surefire Bohemian Princess:

She’s just pretty. We’ve made up.


One response to “Millia Mania

  1. raji ⋅

    she grew up so pretty

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