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Emerson Made My Day

What is Emerson Made? Well… technically it’s some blonde lady and her husband in New York who make clothes and do impossibly WASPish things like split their time between NY and their farm in New Hampshire. Her site is a sprinkle of lifestyle and a heaping tablespoon of J Crew mixed with a little bit of Made By Wendy. (Variations on the same theme). Her clothes are relatively clean and simple (and yes pricey) but there’s something lovely about the whole idea.

I’m damn tempted to buy her kitschy bag o’ white tees which seems fairly priced at $48. (For three).

I also quite like this necklace:

The inscription reads:  semper ad meliora — always towards better things


One response to “Emerson Made My Day

  1. raji ⋅

    I need this necklace.

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