Rachel Come-y Hither

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Rachel Comey is one of my favorites. I’d equate her to an updated version of my generation’s Donna Karan. Here lines are clean and classic but often with a little twist. Often a more wearable version of Marc Jacobs’ quirk. Advertisements


I’ve got to say, that as I troll the NY Fashion Week Photos, I’m not all that impressed. I’m culling down my favorites but not finding that task especially challenging…

But ADAM’s new line is rather nice. A little bit of quirk in  an otherwise soft offering. I actually quite like the styling in general. Deep side parts in hair that’s half-up, half-down. A band coat over a flowy white dress. Interesting:

And then there’s these pink cropped sweats paired with a peter-pan collared blouse. Odd. But it’s sort of working for me:

But I think this is my favorite. Monochromatic pink while playing with the textures. The pop of black is a really nice touch:

Recalling 9-1-1

I’ve never seen it. I’ve seen the still photos. But I’ve never actually seen it. But I remember it like yesterday. I had flown in from Seattle the night before. Arrived around 11. I was anxious to not get out of bed for work. The alarm went off. Set to KROQ (don’t judge). But it wasn’t Kevin and Bean and it wasn’t music. It was Ralph. And he was just talking. Ralph was never on the air by himself just talking. My phone rang. Who the fuck is calling me this early? I let it go to voicemail. It was a Athena. She knew I was flying in from Seattle but wasn’t sure whether it was last night or this morning. “Something’s happening,” she said. Something’s happening

I didn’t have a TV. So I waited and listened. The news was odd. Surreal. Chilling. We’re under attack. There are planes crashing into building in New York. Is there one headed for LA? My mom called. “You’re home right?” Yes. “This is unbelievable.” I’ll say.

But I got dressed and went to work. What was I supposed to do? Did anyone know? I didn’t think about the fact that I was working in a high-rise in mid city. Those weren’t the sorts of thoughts that occurred to me at the time. Traffic was light. Things were eerie.

When I got in, everyone was huddled around the TV in the media room. Disbelief. The towers had collapsed. While I showered and dressed and drove to work, life in the United States had inextricably changed. Forever. We didn’t know what to do. Someone said to me, “You live by the airport. Are you sure you want to go home?” I had no response to that. But we left. To go home. To do…I don’t know what.

Deniz called late in the afternoon. She was terrified. Panicked. She hadn’t been able to get a hold of her mom. She was in Turkey still. She was hearing reports about attacks at LAX. At the Hollywood sign. “America is under attack,” she said matter-of-factly. I need to come home. But this wasn’t possible. She knew this. She just needed to say it out loud.

We’re helpless. In the end we’re all helpless. And so there’s this thing. And we all know about it. But we’re still helpless to control it. To fix it. To heal it. To make sense of it. Something’s happening…

And so today we mourn. We mourn the lives that were lost. Ourselves included.

Autumn in New York

So it’s currently fashion week in NY. Designers are out in their Sunday best, debuting their Spring 2012 collections. I’m not so much of a fashionphile to be glued to the interwebs watching live but I will admit to scanning the after-photos. Thusfar, they’ve only got BCBG MAX AZRIA posted. By far my favorite of the collection is this:

So BCBG been using a lot of flowy chiffon of late and the spring collection seems to be no exception. This dress combines the trendy colorblocking with  a dash of tribal print. I like it, It works. It’s almost wearble in real life.



Hand Made-ins

In keeping with the theme of blonde ladies who make things and sell them on the interwebs. Meet Sophie Monet. In fairness I have no idea if she’s blonde or not but she sounds like she should be. She hand makes jewelry in Venice (CA) like this wood / malachite cuff ($165):


Emerson Made My Day

What is Emerson Made? Well… technically it’s some blonde lady and her husband in New York who make clothes and do impossibly WASPish things like split their time between NY and their farm in New Hampshire. Her site is a sprinkle of lifestyle and a heaping tablespoon of J Crew mixed with a little bit of Made By Wendy. (Variations on the same theme). Her clothes are relatively clean and simple (and yes pricey) but there’s something lovely about the whole idea.

I’m damn tempted to buy her kitschy bag o’ white tees which seems fairly priced at $48. (For three).

I also quite like this necklace:

The inscription reads:  semper ad meliora — always towards better things