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Sofia Coppo-Love

Okay fine. So I did it wrong and I am forever ruined for all things The Godfather. I watched Godfather Part III first. See, by the time I got around to be being curious about all the hype, GFIII was being released. So I started there. Yeah. I know. Whatever. So I was unimpressed. And I wrote off the whole Godfather thing as all talkie-talkie no walkie-walkie. Just another case of  people who claim thy like something because they’ve been told it’s good rather than it actually being good. But this is all irrelevant to my overall point.

The one thing I loved about GFIII is the very thing most people hated: Sofia Coppola. Yeah she couldn’t act. Fine. But I still remember, even after having only seen it once, the scene where she is shot on the steps and says very calmly, “Dad?” before collapsing and dying. Pretty rad. But the other thing I loved about her was her quirk. She was one off. Beautiful. Asymmetrical. Sad. Privileged and down-to-earth. Over time her style evolved into complete unabashed girl-crush territory. So in honor of her weekend nuptuials, I give you some of my favorites over the years:

Here’s how I first new her in 1991. She was lambasted in the press as being a horrible actor. (She was). And ruining the Godfather franchise. (Not her fault).

Ten years later, she’s rocking a tea-length tulle dress way before it was cool. Her hair is effortless. Her shoes strappy. I’m in.

As soon as I meet her, I’m going to ask if I can raid her wardobe in pursuit of this dress. Shown here in 2002 she needs to hand it over. I ain’t too proud to beg. (The shoes too….)

When we’re done in her closet, we’re moving to her bathroom so she can teach me how to do this dewy/glowy ponytail thing.

She’s just pretty. The right mix of “What the fuck are you looking at?” and “Come hither, I smell like peaches.”

Sexy Sofia? I don’t know. But I dig it. Yeah, she’s not wearing a bra. She doesn’t have to. Deal.

Yeah? So? She’s got fancy friends. She’s a Coppola. She’s also gorgeous in her cream cocktail dress with sassy black bow sash.

For the most part, she keeps it simple. Classic with a twist. Again with the shoes! This bitch rocks those strappy’s!

Polka-dot Perfection!

See? She wears color. Awesome raspberry with ri-dic-u-lously cute wedges.

She even rocks my world going cash’ And I believe those are the same wedges. Please oh please let me shop in your closet!


One response to “Sofia Coppo-Love

  1. raji ⋅

    Yes, she is quirky pretty an original. I love it!
    Your sister

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