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Pink Parts

So colored denim is all the rage right now. And sadly the Gap has just surgically removed its top brass design team so they are way behind the curve in developing lower cost versions of the gold standard J Brand. While I love this trend, I’m not sure I want to spend high end denim dollars on it. I have had huge crushes on cayenne and turquoise colored jeans paired with black sweaters, white tanks, etc. but in real life I wonder if it’s all just a little too “Oh look she’s wearing her red pants again…”  And then I came upon this lovely dusty rose color over at Shop Bop:

Hmmmm. I am in love again.  However, these beauties are $178. Hmmmm again. Not sure I can justify that expense. Maybe if it was a more versatile piece. Then again, paired with this $20 top from Target:


Or even a crisp white blouse tucked in with a leopard print belt and some black ballet flats. (All of which I already have). Or a simple black v neck sweater…or a white tank and beige blazer…cripes


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